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Winson Investment.

Winson Investment hired me to provide a full rebrand of their company, including a redesign of their website. The goal of the project was to emphasise their history and culture, making them stand out from their competitors in the Seattle area.

By focusing on their history, experience and cultural links to China, I was able to create a brand identity that is a significant improvement. It is the perfect balance between the obvious and the subliminal, making use of patterns, abstract imagery and product imagery to effectively communicate what they do.

The logo’s icon is a combination of a traditional Chinese chop seal, a building floor plan and the company’s initials.

Redesigning and rebuilding the website had two main goals. First, to improve and modernise the website’s visual appeal, whilst communicating consistently and effectively. Second, to improve the back-end usability, so that they could quickly and easily update content, add new projects and write blog posts.

Careful planning and collaboration, meant I was able to establish the scale and functionality before I started creating user flows, sitemaps and wireframes.

The finished outcome is simple, but effective. It communicates the newly established brand identity, what they do and how they do it, all while being easier to navigate and manage.

The website is built using the Webflow platform, which allowed me to customise the build and the CMS specifically to their needs, without the use of pre-built tempaltes. The addition of a few micro interactions smooths the user experience and gives it an added level of finesse.

Winson Investment.

Logo Design, Visual Identity, Art Direction, Print, Web Design, Web Development, UX & UI
2019 - Present
Seattle, USA