A New Digital Era of
Financial Planning.

Plume Advice Suite.

For years the directors of Skybound Wealth have dreamed of the perfect financial planning tool. One that improved the client experience and made it possible for an advisor to provide more accurate financial advice. A tool for the future of financial advice.

Companies such as Nutmeg have proved that fintech products are the way forward. With that in mind, Skybound Wealth’s operations Director oversaw a select team to create the foundations of a new internal tool, that would put them at the forefront of International Financial Advice.

I was initially brought on board to create a new internal brand for the product. However, my role fast grew, as my work & experience began to influence the design of the user experience and interface.

By talking with advisors, we learnt how they worked, their sales pitch and the processes involved. This gave us a better understanding of what the product needed to do, how it needed to work and the tools required within the product.


IA Awards won for digital innovation

My goal was to take the ideas of the team and the needs of the advisors, to create a product that was more than just functional. A product that was useable. A product that encouraged reluctant advisors to take the leap into the digital world.

Testing saw a great deal of push back, as we gradually built an MVP that was ready to launch. Prior to the internal launch at the beginning of January 2023, the product won 3 International Advisor Awards for digital innovation. A huge statement of intent.

By the end of February, the product’s Discovery & Investment Selection tools had a 100% uptake by advisors, for new and existing clients.


Inter-connected tools
create the Plume Advice Suite

Plume Advice Suite.

Logo Design, Visual Identity, Art Direction, Print, UX & UI Design
2022 - Present
Dubai, UAE