Navy Professional

Navy came to me shortly after the launch of their new branding, with the challenging task of building upon what had already been established. I worked with the client to develop the brand, design new packaging and marketing materials.

I created labels, mailing boxes and instruction cards for their new range of hygiene products. Plus a few other small design pieces notifying customers of missing products, money off offers and clothing tags.

One of the biggest jobs was the design of a new 40 page product brochure. The goal was to use this brochure to showcase their product range to prospective customers via their brand ambassadors, at beauty events, trade-shows and meetings.

The outcome is a stylish, on-brand brochure that balances imagery and text, creating a smooth flow throughout. New photography from Liam Oakes helped to really make the most of their products.

Navy Professional.

Art Direction, Print & Packaging Design
2018 - 2019
Sheffield, UK

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