Liverpool FC.

Brand Identity, Art Direction, Print & Web Design
Role: Personal Project
Year: 2017
Location: Doncaster, UK

I started this serveral years ago, as a side project in between other work. But I recently found myself wanting to revisit, update and finish it to a much higher standard than I previously did.

As a Liverpool fan, I love the Liver Bird emblem that appears on our shirts. However, I find that over 125 years, it has become overly complicated, specifically the wings. Which is why I decided to have a go at redesigning the emblem to retain the iconic shape, whilst simplifying and modernising it.

As well as redesigning the emblem, I wanted to create a simple, unified visual identity that celebrates the past, while looking to the future with strength and pride. Using bold imagery, simple layouts, striking colours and modern typography, I’ve create a visual style that sets itself apart from the current identity and other football clubs.

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