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Women Like Us.

The Women Like Us idea had existed for a number of years as part of the Skybound Wealth proposition aimed at women, however, it lacked a true identity and coherence. The decision was taken to expand the proposition into a fully formed entity, with it’s own membership website and regular meet-up events. A true women focused network.

Due to there being some brand recognition within the market for the existing logo, my approach was one of evolution, not revolution. Using this as the opportunity to truely unify the visual identity, with recognisable colours, typography and imagery.

While the primary logo remains largely intact, it has been tweaked slightly to allow for the creation of elegant logo drops. Combined with a set of strong, natural colours, a refined angular typeface and photography, the logo variations give a level of sophistication on a par with some of the most recognisable fashion brands.


Attendants at first three events

A key attribute of this new identity is photography that reflects the goal of the network. Imagery that shows women coming together as business leaders, mothers, friends and so much more. Warm, natural colour tones within the imagery, reflect the identity’s colour palette and gives a sense of approachability to the network.

The next step in this project was the creation of a membership website and online directory. A place where women can join up, pay their fees, book their place at events and find other professional women to collaborate with.

Built with Webflow, Memberstack and SendInBlue, the website has been a big hit with the members. Over 100 women have joined in the first 2 months, with more than half being paid, exclusive members.


Women have joined inthe first two months

Women Like Us.

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