Not Just A Spa,
A Way Of Life.

Apothecary Urban Spa.

Having had bad experiences with past designers and printers, the owner approached me with a great deal of apprehension. I put her mind at ease by listening to her needs and collaborating with her every step of the way.

The owner had a very clear vision of what she wanted her business’ brand to be. Together, with freelance brand manager, Sophia Landells, we were able to pull the ideas from her mind and put them down on paper.

The result is a versatile, modern brand identity, that they are now proud to promote. Every aspect of the spa, from the interior to the visual identity to the photography, are all designed compliment one another to give customers a relaxing vibe that is all part of the experience.


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Apothecary Urban Spa.

Logo Design, Visual Identity, Art Direction, Print, Web Design, Web Development, UX & UI
2017 - Present
Doncaster, UK